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BSOMES 18th Anniversary & Annual Dinner 2018

We are delighted to inform that BSOMES is celebrating its 18th Anniversary in October this year ! We are greatly honoured to have Mr. SIT Wing Hang, Alfred, JP, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR, attending the dinner as our Guest of Honour. Mr. SIT will deliver his speech in respect of our main theme to all VIP and Guests in that evening. We also hope you will grace the occasion by your presence at this milestone event...

BSOMES Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course (JCCC) on Fire Services Systems in Smart City 2018 - Session 11 Effective Operation and Maintenance Plan for Fire Service Installations in Commercial Complex

-Effective Maintenance Plan for Fire Service Installations in Commercial Complex - Staff Training Plan - Fire Action Plan - Maintenance Plan - Cases Sharing...

BSOMES Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course (JCCC) on Fire Services Systems in Smart City 2018 - Session 12 Fire Safety Management in Hospitality Industry

- Effective Fire Safety Management Plan for Hospitality Industry - Cases Sharing for Effective Fire Control...

2018 GBA on BSO&M Conference 《第九屆粵港澳大灣區屋宇運行及維修會議 - 建築調適与能效提升》

一,會議簡介 全稱:第九屆粵港澳大灣區屋宇運行及維修會議 會議議題: 建築調適与能效提升 會議時間 : 2018年12月15日 (星期六) 會議地點:中國。廣州市。南沙區霍英東研究院會議室 主辦單位:華南理工大學節能技術研究院 廣州現代產業技術研究院 廣州市南沙區經貿科技和信息化局 廣東省城市空調節能與控制工程技術研究開發中心 廣東高校綠色校園節能與控制工程技術研究中心 二,投稿須知 稿件類型:稿件圍繞建築調適与能效提升;建築智能化管理及相關學科。 投稿要求:中英文均可。 投稿郵箱:medmpan@scut.edu.cn, 請在投稿郵件裡留下至少一個可聯繫的電話號碼及郵箱。 論文摘要截止日期:2018年10月15日 (星期一) 全文提交截稿日期:2018年11月15日 (星期四) 論文格式請參考附件 三,聯繫方式 會議諮詢:潘老師 (電話 : 13826101505,電郵 : medmpan@scut.edu.cn)...

Technical Seminar: Coastal Challenges to Flood Management in times of Climate Change

Super-Typhoon Mangkhut 2018 caused high storm surges resulting in serious flooding in many low-lying coastal areas in Hong Kong. This reminds us of the inadequacy of our flood management infrastructure which has been well developed mainly for inland areas subject to rainfall induced floods. At the same time, with indisputable Climate Change, the mean sea levels are rising and storm surges will also be increased by more frequent Super-Typhoons due to increasingly warm Pacific Ocean temperatures. This seminar is to share the Speaker’s insights into the coastal challenges to flood management in times of Climate Changes. He will address coastal flood mitigation measures including emergency evacuation based on real-time sea level forecasting (by combining storm surge and astronomical tide predictions), coastal polders, storm surge barriers and floating structures. The last two measures are new to Hong Kong....

EIHK Training Course on Energy Audit for Building Energy Efficiency (12th Intake)

The main purpose of this course is to provide the participants with the fundamental principles, skills and guidelines needed to carry out effective energy audits in accordance with the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance. After taking the course, the participants would appreciate the approach to identify energy saving measures and perform quantitative analysis to predict the energy savings, environmental and economic benefits. Moreover, the participants should be able to measure and verify the performance of implemented energy saving measures....


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