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2018 GBA on BSO&M Conference 《第九屆粵港澳大灣區屋宇運行及維修會議 - 建築調適与能效提升》

一,會議簡介 全稱:第九屆粵港澳大灣區屋宇運行及維修會議 會議議題: 建築調適与能效提升 會議時間 : 2018年12月15日 (星期六) 會議地點:中國。廣州市。南沙區霍英東研究院會議室 主辦單位:華南理工大學節能技術研究院 廣州現代產業技術研究院 廣州市南沙區經貿科技和信息化局 廣東省城市空調節能與控制工程技術研究開發中心 廣東高校綠色校園節能與控制工程技術研究中心 二,投稿須知 稿件類型:稿件圍繞建築調適与能效提升;建築智能化管理及相關學科。 投稿要求:中英文均可。 投稿郵箱:medmpan@scut.edu.cn, 請在投稿郵件裡留下至少一個可聯繫的電話號碼及郵箱。 論文摘要截止日期:2018年10月15日 (星期一) 全文提交截稿日期:2018年11月15日 (星期四) 論文格式請參考附件 三,聯繫方式 會議諮詢:潘老師 (電話 : 13826101505,電郵 : medmpan@scut.edu.cn)...

Technical Seminar: Coastal Challenges to Flood Management in times of Climate Change

Super-Typhoon Mangkhut 2018 caused high storm surges resulting in serious flooding in many low-lying coastal areas in Hong Kong. This reminds us of the inadequacy of our flood management infrastructure which has been well developed mainly for inland areas subject to rainfall induced floods. At the same time, with indisputable Climate Change, the mean sea levels are rising and storm surges will also be increased by more frequent Super-Typhoons due to increasingly warm Pacific Ocean temperatures. This seminar is to share the Speaker’s insights into the coastal challenges to flood management in times of Climate Changes. He will address coastal flood mitigation measures including emergency evacuation based on real-time sea level forecasting (by combining storm surge and astronomical tide predictions), coastal polders, storm surge barriers and floating structures. The last two measures are new to Hong Kong....

Seminar: Optimisation of Operating Resources and Carbon Footprints for Attaining Sustainable Commercial Buildings

Central to the global warming problem are the continuously increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (or carbon emissions), especially those associated with the operation of buildings. Funded by the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Government (Project No. PolyU 152095/15E), a multi-stage study that aims to understand how to achieve an optimum balance between the operating resources and the carbon footprints of existing commercial buildings in Hong Kong has been conducted. The Principal Investigator of the study, Dr Joseph Lai, will present in this seminar the works carried out for the study and the findings obtained, such as the conceptual research model for the study, method used to quantify carbon emissions, sources and amounts of operating resources and carbon emissions of the buildings studied, and cost effectiveness of implementing retrofits to improve building environmental performance....

BSOMES Workshop of PMSA Consultation Paper

Dear Members, You may aware that the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap 626) has been enacted on 26 May 2016. This Ordinance not only affect property management practitioners, but also related to building services operation and maintenance practitioners who actively participant in repair and maintenance work of properties. The consultation paper for Proposed Licensing Regime for Property Management Companies and Property Management Practitioners (as attached) has been issued for comment of public. You are invited to provide your comment directly to the Property Management Services Authority or through BSOMES. Time is very limited and your valuable comments is much appreciated and may make a positive impact on O&M professional sector in future. If you have any comment on the consultation paper, please email your comment to pmso@bsomes.org.hk. We will gather all comments from members and submit to the Authority. In addition, BSOMES is holding a discussion workshop of PMSA consultation paper for members who want to know more about the Ordinance and provide your comment in the Workshop. The details of the Workshop is as below, Date and Time: 21 December 2018 (Friday) 7:00pm Venue: Polytechnic University Room DE301 On-line registration: https://goo.gl/forms/XdfY2aHa3IjqQvYh2 Your contribution to the consultation paper will help us to enhance our professionalism. Wish to see you in the Workshop. Best Regards, KAN Cheuk-Fung BSOMES Communication Committee Chairman...

HKAEE Technical Seminar on Government Requirements and Guidelines for Photovoltaic Panel System

Following the Feed-in-Tariff policy, a large number of photovoltaic panel systems will be installed in Hong Kong. Speakers from the two Government Departments will outline the current statutory procedures and technical requirements and guidelines for the audience to keep abreast of the latest development of this subject....

HKAEE Photovoltaic Panel System Training Course

Following the Feed-in-Tariff policy, a large number of PV systems at village houses, villas, schools, institutional and commercial buildings will be installed in the coming years. The Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers (HKAEE) Photovoltaic Panel System Training Course (PPSTC) provides in-depth technical knowledge and step-by-step methodology for design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems. This course is designed ideally for professionals looking to enter solar industry, or interact with solar projects in current line of work. The HKAEE PPSTC provides a set of local and international standards by which PV professionals with skills and experience to distinguish themselves and give the employers a credential for judging the competency of practitioners in solar industry...


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