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BSI Digital Infrastructure and Construction Summit 2019

BIM is a game changing way of working which is having a profound effect on the global construction sector. A cooperation involving all countries with similar tools harmonised, processes and rules which is reducing costs and improving efficiency. 2019 is named as the BIM Year by Construction Industry Council (CIC), aiming to enhance awareness and encourage collaboration of industry on BIM adoption. In order to bolster BIM and Smart City development in Hong Kong, British Standards Institution (BSI), the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong (HKUFoA) and Professional Construction Strategies Group (PCSG) will jointly hold the Digital Infrastructure and Construction Summit 2019. In 2017, the HKSAR Government decreed that BIM technology must be used in the design and construction of all major government capital works projects and this has generated a surge in demand for BIM personnel and training needs. To facilitate the healthy development of BIM in Hong Kong, CIC has introduced the BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes to ascertain the competency of BIM personnel and the quality of local BIM training courses. Our Industry experts will share their perspectives and expertise at the Summit. We cordially invite you to join this remarkable event. Seats are limited. First-come first-served....

Polyu Seminar Emerging Futures for Office Workspace

Office work is today the dominant mode of activity in advanced economies, yet it is constantly changing in response to economic, social and technological disruptions. This session will review some emerging trends, future scenarios, and relevant research from the UK and elsewhere that raises ideas for adaptive change in the design, management and operations of future workplaces. The health and wellbeing of future office workers, companies, and the planet will be addressed....

IFMA Integrate 2019 : Changing Landscape

At this year’s IFMA Integrate Conference, it will be explored the challenges and opportunities that impact the FM sector today — from the roles that technology and data play in driving efficiency and sustainability, to the policies and business trends that are reforming our industry and the ways our buildings are used. Industry experts, policy makers, landlords, users, and service providers will come together to share their views in interactive panel discussions....

ASHRAE-HKC Technical Seminar on Achieving High Performance Building – from Life Cycle Assessment to Enhanced Operation & Maintenance Best Practices to Retro-Commissioning

In Hong Kong, Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) systems constitute the major energy consumption in commercial buildings. In order to support the local building industry to deliver the genuine energy building performance, ASHRAE HK Chapter has invited one of our ASHRAE Distinguish Lecturers, Mr. OM Taneja, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE and Dr. Paul Sat, Head of Research and Public Education of Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) to deliver three technical talks. The technical topics cover Life Cycle Assessment (LCC) of energy efficiency projects and how the LCC and other assessments to facilitate decision making on adaptive changes to building systems, enhanced operation and maintenance best practices for high performance buildings and professional knowledge required by the building practitioners, attitude and needs for carrying out retro-commissioning works and how to overcome the barriers when applying retro-commissioning to existing buildings. This technical seminar is suitable to building practitioners including building owners, building services engineers, operation and maintenance professionals, control experts and any technical engineers who are keen to strive for continuous improvement in building performance....

BSOMES Technical Seminar on “Experience Sharing in Handling Insurance Claims & Coverage for Super Typhoon”

“Super Typhoon Mangkhut" passed next to Hong Kong and Macau on 16 September 2018. It was the strongest to hit Hong Kong since records began 50 years ago causing large scale damage around the city on Transportation System, Commercial and Residential Buildings and Casino etc. in Hong Kong and Macau respectively. Even implementing typhoon precautionary measures, damage to property, asset & business operation and liability to third party are inevitable. Proper insurance coverage and claim handling can reduce the business' exposure to the effects of particular risks. The seminar is to share experience from speaker how to properly manage insurance coverage and handle claims with some case studies for easy illustration....

EIHK Certified Carbon Auditor Training Course 15th Intake

The emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases due to power generation, transportation and other industrial/commercial activities are contributing to climate change and environmental impacts worldwide. Each corporation should immediately implement carbon-reducing measures to mitigate the problems. The first important step is to carry out a carbon audit to identify the sources of carbon emission and quantify the carbon footprint of a corporation. As energy consumption is one of the major sources of carbon emissions, it is always effective to reduce carbon footprint through implementing energy saving measures. As an active professional institution and one of the green partners in Hong Kong, the Energy Institute is active in providing timely and quality certified carbon auditor courses to train engineers and other professionals to understand the audit process and to acquire the necessary skills to conduct professional carbon audits....


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