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BSOMES Technical Seminar on “Experience Sharing in Handling Insurance Claims & Coverage for Super Typhoon”

“Super Typhoon Mangkhut" passed next to Hong Kong and Macau on 16 September 2018. It was the strongest to hit Hong Kong since records began 50 years ago causing large scale damage around the city on Transportation System, Commercial and Residential Buildings and Casino etc. in Hong Kong and Macau respectively. Even implementing typhoon precautionary measures, damage to property, asset & business operation and liability to third party are inevitable. Proper insurance coverage and claim handling can reduce the business' exposure to the effects of particular risks. The seminar is to share experience from speaker how to properly manage insurance coverage and handle claims with some case studies for easy illustration....

Formation of BSOMES Caring Committee and Invitation for BSOMES Volunteer

Dear member, BSOMES heartfelt believe that engineers not only have passion on the life-long career, but also on the community, environment, and our planet. With the support from Executive Committee, I am pleased to announce that the BSOMES Caring Committee has been formed to connecting BSOMES with the Community by organizing our members to participate in various volunteering activities, fund raising activities, environmental protection events, and events for raising social awareness on environment and vulnerable community. If you are interested to participate in the coming events of our Caring Committee, please register online at https://forms.gle/ZmyBZjmaCSgv75J77 as BSOMES volunteer on or before 30 May 2019. By enrolling as a BSOEMS volunteer, you will be advised for any events of Caring Committee and you are welcomed to join any of them. Anyone want to join as BSOEMS volunteer beyond 30 May, 2019 can also email to our Committee Chairlady Michelle Cheung at michelle.cheung@hactl.com or info@bsomes.org.hk . Your support to the Caring Committee is important and appreciated. For enquiries, please contact Mrs. Michelle CHEUNG via Email: michelle.cheung@hactl.com. Best Regards, Chris Ting President (2018-2020) Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society...

List of Authorized Signatory for Posting on Buildings Department Website

In response to the request of Buildings Department (BD) for assistance in collecting information for its upcoming "List of Former Authorized Signatory (AS) for Posting on Buildings Department(BD) Website. BSOMES is going to conduct a survey to collect data for the captioned List. BSOMES members who are existing or former Authorized Signatories and/or Technical Directors are cordially invited to complete the enclosed 《Collectionof Personal Particulars Form》 on or before 31May 2019 (Friday) for our onward submission to BD for preparation of the captioned List. You can complete the form either 《on-line》, scanthe QR Code below or return the completed form to BSOMES by: (i) E-mail: info@bsomes.org.hk; or (ii) Mail: PO Box 95872, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, HK For any enquiries regarding the survey, please do not hesitate to contact the BSOMES Office by Tel: (852) 2523 2081 or E-mail: 52818073info@bsomes.org.hk....

Technical Seminar on “A Novel and Innovative System for Inspecting Corrosion Occurred in Buried and Wall-covered Building Pipes”

Pipeline is an essential infrastructure in any modern city for supplying and distributing water, natural gas, sewage wastes, chemicals etc., to various households and industries. A fatal rupture of pipe may cause huge economic loss and even human casualties. In a high-rise building, an external piping system, which is erected along the external walls of the building, is used to deliver gas and water to each household unit. The pipes enter kitchens and bathrooms through the building concrete wall. The section of pipes that are covered by the wall are prone to corrosion if there is water leaking into the wall. Corrosion occurs in this section is very difficult to be detected. Unfortunately, as of today, no effective system that is commercially available can detect pipe defects that are covered by concrete walls. A novel and non-destructive-testing-based inspection system called, Guided Wave (GW), has recently become popular because of its prominent capability in detecting defects occurred in buried or covered pipes. Unlike common ultrasonic inspection methods, which can only provide a short inspection distance and a tedious point-to point inspection process, GW has low energy attenuation that enables it to have a long inspection distance, covers the entire pipe area and sensitive to small defects. It only requires a single point located at a kitchen or bathroom to install the novel sensor so that it can be used to emit the desired GW and then receive the defect information. The current GW-based inspection system includes an innovative GW sensor designed by us, a compact and portable USB-based data acquisition box and a portable computer that has built-in virtual instruments designed by us to analysis the received GW signals. The results obtained from both laboratory experiments and field tests using real and in-service building pipes prove that the GW system is effective in detecting wall-covered corrosion. Even the inspected gas pipes have multiple coatings, the GW signal can penetrate through the coatings and enter into the main body of pipes so as to detect the extent of corrosion. This system can be applied to not only covered pipes, but also wall covered steel rods and strands. With the help from this innovative system, the physical extents of a pipe’s corroded area can be determined and then trigger an early warning for repair. The maintenance staff can then arrange proper remedy to avoid fatal breakdown....

CLP Smart Energy Award 2019

To promote energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C), CLP Power Hong Kong Limited launches the Smart Energy Award to recognize organisations with outstanding performance in energy saving, energy management and application of smart technology....

EIHK Technical Seminar on Hydrogen Economy in Hong Kong

With the increasing public awareness for the climate change and global warming arising from fossil fuels, researchers and policy makers have already put their focus on the development of clean and renewable energy sources. Remarkable advancements of the renewable technologies are made in recent years while new systems with better efficiency and lower cost are developed to compete with the fossil fuel. However, the renewable energy productions are usually site specific, intermittent, and thus not reliable for instantaneous supply. Hydrogen is identified as one of the potential energy carriers for future energy supply which can resolve the limitation for renewable energy production. Hydrogen is clean, renewable and harmless during the entire production and disposal cycle. In the technical talks, some oversea and local speakers are invited to share their area of excellence in hydrogen economy while their insights in application of the emerging technologies will be discussed....


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