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The 5th BEAM Plus New Buildings Training and Examination

The full-day training aims to equip participants with knowledge in green buildings in areas of design, construction, operation, maintenance, as well as the BEAM Plus rating tools. The training is delivered by experts and professionals from the Green Building Faculty, which supports the initiatives of green building in Hong Kong....

HKGBC Chinachem Sustainability Conference 2019

The Chinachem Sustainability Conference 2019 organised by Chinachem Group and co-organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) will be held on 29 March 2019 in Hong Kong. Themed “Sustainable Neighbourhood: How to Foster Age-Friendly Developments”, the conference will focus on exchange of constructive ideas of technical solutions to the city’s critical issue of aging population – innovative architecture design to improve urban environment; smart system to raise productivity and facilitate the everyday life of the senior citizens; strategic site selection to address the integration between buildings and the surrounding neighbourhood; comprehensive town planning with stakeholders to balance economic, environmental and social considerations in the course of development; and more to be explored and examined in the conference...

EIHK Certified Carbon Auditor Training Course 15th Intake

The emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases due to power generation, transportation and other industrial/commercial activities are contributing to climate change and environmental impacts worldwide. Each corporation should immediately implement carbon-reducing measures to mitigate the problems. The first important step is to carry out a carbon audit to identify the sources of carbon emission and quantify the carbon footprint of a corporation. As energy consumption is one of the major sources of carbon emissions, it is always effective to reduce carbon footprint through implementing energy saving measures. As an active professional institution and one of the green partners in Hong Kong, the Energy Institute is active in providing timely and quality certified carbon auditor courses to train engineers and other professionals to understand the audit process and to acquire the necessary skills to conduct professional carbon audits....


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