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HKIS Annual Conference 2018

For the seventh consecutive year Hong Kong has been ranked the most expensive housing market in the world. The city’s greatest perennial challenge is to provide adequate, affordable housing solutions for its residents, and meeting the long-term housing needs for its growing population. Supplying adequate land to help combat the housing market crisis and support our economic and infrastructure development will be Hong Kong’s greatest challenge for the foreseeable future....

BSOMES Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course (JCCC) on Fire Services Systems in Smart City 2018

This Comprehensive Certificate Course has been organized since 2004 which has focused on each E&M System like Electrical System, HVAC&R System, Plumbing and Drainage System and Fire Services System every year. It is the 4th round of Fire Services System Course this year. The course is designed to broaden knowledge of engineers in relation to Fire Services System in Smart City and is useful for young engineers and practitioners who would like to refresh / acquire knowledge in the design, installation and maintenance of this system. All Guest Speakers, who are experienced / professional engineers / officers from Government, Universities, Consultants, Manfacturers, Contractors and Properties / Facilities Management etc., will present you with some practical knowledge and experience sharing....

IFMA Guide Tour: The District Cooling System at Kai Tak Development

The District Cooling System (DCS) at Kai Tak Development (KTD) is a large scale centralized air-conditioning system. It utilizes sea water to produce chilled water at the central plants and distributes the chilled water to consumer buildings in the KTD through underground water piping network. The cooling capacity of the DCS is about 284 megawatt of refrigeration (MWr) for serving the non-domestic air-conditioned floor area of about 1.73 million m2, equivalent to a cooling supply for 40 nos. of 30-storey high commercial buildings. Upon completion of the project, about 40 kilometres of underground chilled water pipes would have been laid and there would be around 50 buildings in KTD connected to the DCS. DCS consumes 35% and 20% less electricity as compared to traditional air-cooled air-conditioning systems and individual water-cooled air-conditioning systems using cooling towers respectively. With its high energy efficiency, the implementation of DCS at KTD will achieve estimated annual saving of 85 million kilowatt-hour (kWh) in electricity consumption, with a corresponding reduction of 59,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum. Don’t miss it! In this technical visit, participants can visit the control centre and chiller plant of DCS to know more about its design, operation and maintenance....


本會自從成為「義務工作發展局」的團體會員後,一直積極參與各種義務工作活動,並為該義工局籌得善款。 今年「義務工作發展局」將於2018年10月14 日(星期日),假數碼港舉行AVS義跑義行「義」018,屆時 BSOMES義工隊亦會參與該「義行及義跑活動」,希望能為義務工作出一分綿力。我們現誠邀您與家人一同加入 BSOMES 隊伍!...

BSOMES 18th Anniversary & Annual Dinner 2018

We are delighted to inform that BSOMES is celebrating its 18th Anniversary in October this year ! We are greatly honoured to have Mr. SIT Wing Hang, Alfred, JP, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR, attending the dinner as our Guest of Honour. Mr. SIT will deliver his speech in respect of our main theme to all VIP and Guests in that evening. We also hope you will grace the occasion by your presence at this milestone event...


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