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BSOMES Workshop of PMSA Consultation Paper

Dear Members,


You may aware that the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap 626) has been enacted on 26 May 2016. This Ordinance not only affect property management practitioners, but also related to building services operation and maintenance practitioners who actively participant in repair and maintenance work of properties.


The consultation paper for Proposed Licensing Regime for Property Management Companies and Property Management Practitioners (as attached) has been issued for comment of public. You are invited to provide your comment directly to the Property Management Services Authority or through BSOMES. Time is very limited and your valuable comments is much appreciated and may make a positive impact on O&M professional sector in future.


If you have any comment on the consultation paper, please email your comment to pmso@bsomes.org.hk. We will gather all comments from members and submit to the Authority.


In addition, BSOMES is holding a discussion workshop of PMSA consultation paper for members who want to know more about the Ordinance and provide your comment in the Workshop. The details of the Workshop is as below,


Date and Time: 21 December 2018 (Friday) 7:00pm

Venue: Polytechnic University Room DE301

On-line registration: https://goo.gl/forms/XdfY2aHa3IjqQvYh2 


Your contribution to the consultation paper will help us to enhance our professionalism. Wish to see you in the Workshop.


Best Regards,

KAN Cheuk-Fung

BSOMES Communication Committee Chairman