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Press Releases - Safe Use and Proper Maintenance of Double-Deck Car Parks

Dear Members,

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) are pleased to inform us the safe use and proper maintenance of Double-Deck Car Parks (commonly known as car stackers).

Double-deck car parks are versatile means to increase the parking spaces within a property. As far as regulation of these machineries are concerned, the Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Cap. 618) does not apply to double-deck car parks used solely for the raising of motor vehicles, which do not pass through any floor and the height of travel of which do not exceed 3.5m.

Nevertheless, these machineries, if not properly operated and maintained, would still induce certain risks to users and maintenance personnel. Facility management personnel of the double-deck car parks are liable for the proper upkeep and safe working of the equipment, by virtue of other applicable Ordinances.

To facilitate understanding of the safety aspects of these equipment, the EMSD has issued guidelines which can be accessed via the following link:
It is highly recommended that facility management personnel shall make reference to the guidelines to ensure the proper upkeep and safe working of double-deck car parks.

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