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Dear Fellow and Members

This is an immense pleasure and honor to be elected as the President for 2020/2022 session of the Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society (BSOMES) in the 20th anniversary year. I am delighted and humbled to be entrusted with the leadership and the enormous responsibility entailed. With support from all fellow and members, I have no doubt that we all would be ever evolving and excelling in time.

Credits must go to my predecessors, Immediately Past President, Ir Chis Ting and his teams for their incessant efforts and selfless contributions which allow the BSOMES to grow from acorn to oak.

It is our utmost pleasure to have an energetic and professional team in the coming two years.  BSOMES will continue to promote an advancement in practicing and the management of building assets as well as professional status of O&M practitioners with our core competences. Our members are also at the forefront of change in his/her daily life. We will conduct both knowledgeable and fun activities to uphold our members interest with the best of the latest technologies, trends, practical experiences sharing as well as social interaction with unfailing support from our committee members.

BSOMES will also upkeep the consultation involvement proactively across various government bodies, academic institutions, and NGO to exchange our member’s O&M professional knowledge and insight for sustainable development of buildings/facilities. In addition, with well-established collaboration with local professional bodies, we have completed the 10th GHM Bay Area Virtual Conference during COVID-19 pandemic season. BSOMES will conduct a series of retro-commissioning activities in both the local and greater bay area in the coming future.

Finally, I am blessed to have stood on the shoulders of giants which grants me the chance to lead such a well-established society in this remarkable year. We see and march further together with unwavering support from all of you. Modestly I would like to ask for your engagement and valuable comments, which will facilitate continuous improvement on our planned activities and to deliver our quality of service to you. Let us scale the BSOMES to a new height.

Best Regard

Ir Johnson Lau

President, BSOMES


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